CREATE HEALTH: Pakistan’s first creative healthcare agency sets a new standard for brand communication

By Moomal Effendi

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry has come a long way. From a handful of multinational giants leading the market, with doctors and sales representatives engaging in detailed discourse over one drug or another – to today; where the total number of pharmaceuticals operating in Pakistan has touched over 750 manufacturing units. Where national companies have overtaken the once-giant multinationals for market share, and sales representatives find themselves scrambling for 30 seconds in a doctor’s clinic (alongside 10 other competitor company representatives) in the hopes to promote their brand.

Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical market is robust and extremely competitive, to say the least. Strict regulatory controls, various marketing and promotional practices, a strained economy with spiking inflation and exchange rates squeezing drug margins coupled with price ceilings, to name a few of the challenges. With increased competition, the demand for strategic depth, sustainability, and long term planning to be financially viable is critical. Multinationals are honing their new launches to ensure their innovative brands hit the ground running. National companies are investing heavily in their manufacturing operations to meet regulatory guidelines and remain competitive. In addition, Pharmaceutical Marketing operations are becoming more complex with the influx of generics by local manufacturers trying to grow market share. All this essentially trickles to the marketing teams who manage a diverse portfolio of products end to end. So where does this leave brand development and strategy execution in today’s pharma eco system?

Globally, the trend for creative healthcare agencies focused on the growing needs of pharmaceutical companies are abundant. Surprisingly, up until now, this phenomenon was unchartered territory in an emerging market like Pakistan with up to 20 generics for every originator drug. With the changing healthcare landscape, time in the field developing relationships are just as critical as devising product strategies. Hence, the trend for product managers is to look outward toward creative agencies for fresh perspectives enabling them to be innovative, efficient, faster and better to market. Unfortunately, they are met with agencies tailored to FMCG models who lack basic understanding of the pharma industry.

Create – Health is Pakistan’s first creative healthcare agency that understands the needs of pharmaceutical brand requirements. At Create Health, our talented team of top experts has expertise in all channels of marketing but also the direct, high level knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem. With local and international experience in top pharmaceutical multinationals, our team of professional healthcare marketeers and strategists understand the medical space, physical competition and the patient journey.

Empowered and passionate about our mission to elevate the quality of life for patients, our team works alongside client marketing and sales teams to infuse fresh and relevant insight into the brand. Delivering ground breaking strategies, patient centric communications, digital innovation, backed by the ability to take deep dives into clinical data and drive real insights based on patient and doctor belief, preferences and behavior.

So how do we call ourselves experts?

  1. Unique Healthcare Insight: To really understand the pharmaceutical industry, you need to know it well – inside out – and it helps if you have pharma industry veterans with experience in the top companies on your team. To be familiar with the regulated, unique approach of healthcare marketing, understanding doctor-patient relationships, patient journey, generating market insights, and translating data and research into actionable strategies.
  2. Pharma Brand Strategy: A concrete pharma understanding and insight allows you to effectively develop, design, and deploy pharma marketing tools and frameworks to deliver a robust, patient centric strategy that allows your brand to break through clutter and meet an untapped patient need.
  3. Creative Science: A mix of creative thinking, design and science – presenting research and scientific data in an effective and meaningful way that resonates, whether through patient case studies or translated into charts, graphs, or video animation, we choose the right channel to prompt action.
  4. Experience working with HCPs and healthcare practices: A healthcare agency essentially develops strategies and materials for doctors, who then decide which drug is right for which patient. Understanding the psychographic profile of the doctor, their prescription drivers, treatment goals and patient management is critical. Building connections with doctors so that they have the confidence that the agency understands the medical data and is able to deliver information that is relevant.
  5. Launch Excellence: With increased focus on pipeline products, we know how important it is to get launches right, every time. Our expertise in launch readiness include refining product launch tools, strategies and execution against a backdrop of scientific and technological innovation. In parallel, a shift from traditional large volume blockbusters towards more complex, narrowly targeted specialty medicine launches which demand laser focused launch plans, access pricing and skill sets.
  6. Innovation: With the evolving nature of the doctor-representative interaction, companies can no longer rely on simple brochures and face to face access. Communication channels have multiplied with digital media and more innovative ways to present data from e-detailers, to live animation, webcasts, live videos and more. Meanwhile, doctors and patients today seek high level dialogue that is meaningful, communicated on platforms that they are already present on; whether it’s social media networks, online patient groups, HCP online portals, and more.
  7. Results: The measure of a successful client-agency partnership in healthcare marketing is delivering measurable and quantifiable results. Activities, process steps and invested time/resources are useful benchmarks. But our end goal will remain achieving and reporting meaningful and specific results.
  8. Passion: Last but definitely not the least, our passion lies in elevating life. We are patient centric, hence have embedded the needs of the patient throughout the Create Health model and way of working. So that our carefully crafted messages, brand strategy and scientific data allow doctors to make the right, informed decision when a patient walks into their clinic.


Create Health is at the forefront of an exciting new dimension in creative pharmaceutical communications, a first of its kind hybrid agency bringing creative thinking and innovation to the world of healthcare marketing. By building long term, sustainable relationships between pharmaceuticals, patients and doctors; our vision is to be the pioneer one window agency servicing pharmaceutical companies nationwide, at par with global standards.

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    1. All our skills are already being taught internally and multiple times online. We strongly believe in learning and continuous learning as a team. Hence it’s possible, given we do it internally already. Kindly share your query with us via given email. Regards.

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